1939-09-28 – Vincent Albanese (06145985) enlists in U.S. Army
1944-05-?? – Vincent Albanese arrived in Burma, Pacific Theater, WWII
1945-01-31 – Vincent Albanese wounded in action
1948-09-22 – born Kathleen Albanese, Providence, RI
1950-10-02 – brother Domenic Albanese born
1966-??-?? – graduated from Pilgrim High School in Warwick, RI
1966-??-?? – enrolled at Seton Hill College
1968-??-?? – left Seton Hill College
1968-10-?? – started working at A’N’Vee Jewelry on 6 Almy Street in Providence, RI
1970-02-?? – left job at A’N’Vee Jewelry “due to lack of work”
1970-02-19 – first prayer meetings (at St. Peter’s & Holy Ghost) asked to meet Christians on Tues before
1970-02-26 – first talked to Jake
1970-03-08 – first day of renewal, met Joe Fox!!! (Praise God). saw him again Thursday
1970-03-19Joe asked me to go to Dover for Sunday mass, introduced me to Jerry & Jim
1970-03-22first day of renewal, Palm Sunday went to Dover with Jerry & Kathie & Evelyn, went to first Sunday prayer meeting, spent the whole day with Joe Fox
1970-04-17 – the night Jake took me to Rhodes
1970-04-18Madeline’s wedding, went to Dover again, Fox is beautiful
1970-04-22 – First O.L.P. prayer meeting with Kathie, Jim, and Jerry
1970-04-25Billy’s shower, talked a little to Patty
1970-04-26 – fantastic Sunday prayer meeting, went to Dover afterwards and had another one there, Fox prayed over me for the first time, Evelyn prayed over
1970-05-01 – 1970-05-03 – retreat at “Cornelius” boathouse (where the Spirit descended on the house by the shore.) Friday night, received fullness of tongues and fantastic peace. Closeness to Jake and Fran all weekend. Closeness to the Lord in the Eucharist, really saw some of its power. Wow!
1970-05-07 – talked to Ray Brien at P.C. and later, for a little while, to Joe Fox. I think he is going to be deeply sorrowful to leave us. Beautiful Joe; I will love him forever. My heart aches for his hurt and my own, but your will be done, father.
1970-05-15 – 1970-05-17Pentecost weekend – retreat at Charlestown, songs, received gift of prophecy May 17. Beautiful, fantastic retreat. You certainly came in power. Sunday even better — Ev’s vision of Father glorifying son – EttaJoe Fox.
1970-08-05 – finished reading Sidney M. Jourard — The Transparent Self
1971-02-11 – started working as a payroll clerk for Bulova Watch Company on Dexter Street in Providence, RI
1972-07-05 – announcement of engagement to William Gagne in The Warwick Beacon
1972-09-04 – married to William Joseph Gagne
1972-12-23 – left job at Bulova Watch Company “due to pregnancy”
1973-06-26 – son David Vincent Gagne born
1973-08-?? – visited the Carlin Lakehouse in Maine
1975-02-?? – visited parents (Anna DiFolco Albanese, Vincent Albanese) in Daytona Beach, FL
1975-05-22 – daughter Jennifer Anne Gagne born
1978-06-01 – purchased red 1971 Buick station wagon for $1,000 from Edward J. Pragana of Seekonk, MA
1979-02-01 – moved to Daytona Beach, Florida with David and Jenny
1979-04-06 – got a job as a dispatcher for the Holly Hill, Florida Police Department
1981-02-12 – left the Holly Hill Police Department
1981-06-23 – marriage to William Gagne officially annulled by the Diocese of Providence
1982-04-11 – got a job as a dispatcher for the Daytona Beach, Florida Police Department
1982-09-11 – left the Daytona Beach Police Department
1982-??-?? – started working at the Daytona Beach News-Journal
1984-01-30 – traded 1978 Dodge Aspen for 1980 AMC Concord
1985-04-13 – visited Walt Disney World
1985-??-?? – left the News-Journal; began working for Web World
1985-12-01 – short story published anonymously in True Romance magazine
1986-02-27 – father Vincent Albanese died of a heart attack in Daytona Beach, Florida
1988-08-30 – short story For Jenny Blue published in Woman’s World magazine
1988-??-?? – began working for InterLink Paging (later renamed Arch Communications)
1992-10-18 – saw New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins with son David
1994-??-?? – began attending University of Central Florida
1998-??-?? – left Arch Communications
1998-12-?? – received BA from University of Central Florida
1999-??-?? – became an Operations Supervisor for First Data Corporation, Teleservices Division
2000-12-19 – appeared on television in COX Cable (Gainesville / Ocala) “Happy Holidays” commercial
2001-10-21 – visited Walt Disney World
2002-06-?? – visited Rhode Island
2002-??-?? – starting working for the School Board of Alachua County as the program director for AmeriCorps READS!
2003-01-28 – got in a car accident with Jennifer
2004-10-?? – flew to Los Angeles, California to visit David
2004-10-08 – visited Disneyland
2004-10-11 – visited Santa Monica, California
2004-10-12 – visited Universal Studios, Hollywood
2006-04-29 – visited San Diego Wild Animal Park
2006-05-01 – visited La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles
2007-05-04 – mother Anna Sophia Albanese died
2007-06-11 – dumped a venti Starbucks on her laptop
2007-10-06 – visited Maui, Hawaii
2008-07-31 – laid off from job at Americorps
2009-03-?? – settled lawsuit against Indigo Manor
2009-10-?? – was in a car accident
2009-12-14 – administered CT-scan and electrocardiogram at Halifax Hospital
2010-07-02 – moved into The Park apartment complex
2010-08-22 – first grandson born
2010-10-03 – “Making Strides Against Cancer” walk for charity in Orlando, Florida
2010-11-09 – flew to Los Angeles to meet her new grandson
2010-11-24 – began receiving $1104.00/mo from Social Security
2011-12-01 – admitted to Stewart-Marchman
2011-12-?? – first Baker Act hearing
2012-01-18 – administration of Risperdal ended
2012-01-19 – admitted to Halifax Psychiatric Center
2012-01-20 – administered MRI and EEG
2012-01-26 – second Baker Act hearing
2012-02-14 – Jennifer flew from Seattle to Florida to care for mom
2012-03-13 – moved into Grace Manor Port Orange
2012-04-08 – admitted to Halifax Hospital Emergency Room
2012-05-09 – moved into Coastal Health & Rehabilitation Center
2012-05-16 – admitted to Halifax Hospital Intensive Care Unit
2012-07-06 – moved into Woodland Terrace
2012-08-07 – administration of Risperdal began again against my direct instructions
2012-08-10 – taken to Halifax Hospital with severe urinary tract infection; returned to Woodland Terrace
2012-08-12 – died
2015-07-01 – second grandson born
2019-11-28 – brother Domenic Albanese died

* Items in italics are from one of mom’s notebooks