A few weeks after she died, I contacted the Holly Hill Police Department, where mom worked from April of 1979 until February of 1981. A nice woman there — who actually remembered working with mom — sent me a packet with everything she could share from mom’s file.

One of the things inside was a copy of her resignation letter. It reads:


Dear Chief Jones,

It is with regret that I must inform you of my resignation effective Thursday, February 12, 1981, on which date I am scheduled to work third shift. I want to stress that I thoroughly enjoy my job here and the people with whom I work, however, I have been offered a position with a considerable increase in pay and regular working hours which, as you know, will be extremely beneficial to my in my situation as a single parent.

I would appreciate it if you would ask the Finance Department to have whatever vacation and pension monies I have coming available on that date if possible.

I want to thank you for the cooperation you have generously shown me regarding hours and time off, etc. It has been a pleasure to work for you and the department.

Kathleen Gagne


Kathleen A. Gagne