“Letters from Mom”

Mom wrote me hundreds of letters and would often send me greeting cards with snipped comics or articles from newspapers or magazines she thought I'd enjoy.

This is a quick letter mom wrote in a greeting card. The front of the card reads, “The pathway to success is traveled by those who believe in themselves and the good life can bring.” The interior continues, “Congratulations to someone who expects the best out of life — and gets it!”

I certainly don’t know that I would characterize myself that way, but I guess mom thought it was appropriate.


I just liked the card, ok? Talk about a major guilt trip – I planned all along to have major mail for you in your box, but I pooped out Tuesday and yesterday. I’m sorry.

Listen, I know I’m being a pest with the calls — it’ll probably slack off after I see the first bill. Just bear with me – I’m a mother.

Not much news from the home front. U     D   got some money and had his water turned on! Actually, I guess that is pretty significant news. He even bought us a hose to replace the one that kept blowing up. Jenny and I went over there last night and had supper with him.

Well, I’m back at work – ugh. I guess I’d better go. Thank God it’s only for 2 days.

I love you so much…

By the way, it sounds like you’re getting things done according to schedule.

I know you can do what you have to do and I’m pretty proud of you. No pressure, now, just remember 3.5 for Fl. Undergraduate! Lots of your teachers asked about you at orientation. I had Robbie and Mrs. Tidmarsh in stitches.

I love you,

P.S. Write! Write to Jenny! And maybe Dad & Nana from Florida & Nana Rainy.


  • This card is dated shortly after I started college, so I must have complained to her on the phone that she hadn’t sent me any mail yet.
  • One day I’ll have to explain to my sons – one of whom was coincidentally born on August 22 – that when I was in college the phone companies would charge you by the minute for calls they considered “long distance”.
  • Robbie was one of my favorite teachers in high school. I sadly cannot remember who Mrs. Tidmarsh was.
  • Nana Rainy is Lorraine Gagne, my paternal grandmother. Nana from Florida is Anna Albanese, my maternal grandmother who moved to Florida with Papa when they retired and for some reason the name stuck.