“Letters from Mom”

Mom wrote me hundreds of letters and would often send me greeting cards with snipped comics or articles from newspapers or magazines she thought I'd enjoy.

Here’s a letter mom wrote me during my sophomore year of college …

Feb. 23, 1992
Dearest David,

You’ve hardly gone and I already miss you.

Thank you again for coming. You never said why you decided to come. Maybe you were bored. Or maybe you needed your laundry done. Or maybe you knew how much Jenny and I needed to see you. Whatever the reason, thanks.

I wish I could understand why ***** & al are “intimidated by me.” I’ll hate to see what your kids’ friends will think of you. Yours is a much more vibrant personality than mine … Anyway, I like *****. I thought I was expressing that. But, I can’t be watching what I say and how I act all the time. I was having a good time last night; I don’t want to feel that I can’t enjoy you and Jenny because someone else is sensitive. And I really hated the look on your face when you thought I was angry and felt caught in the middle. I was just disappointed and I felt bad for Jenny – she didn’t have a great weekend and was hurt by what happened. I will love whoever you love – they may not always love me. I can’t know how to handle that except to always love you.

Jenny said she hoped you would come home alone some time. Me, too. And we hope that you will continue to spend special time with us when you come. I know you understand how precious and special is the love we three share.

It’s all going by so fast the last couple of years. One minute you were graduating from Saint Paul’s and the next you’re bringing ***** home from college. I really appreciate how much of yourself you share. Things are changing and that’s kind of scary for me. And, yet, some things stay the same.

Heck, I’m getting too maudlin. I’m watching Nancy Kerrigan skate over to her mom after the award ceremony.

It’s Monday A.M. You told me you came home for me. I love you.

I’ve enclosed Jenny’s schedule. The only Friday game is March 6.

Also enclosed your other W2. You need to take care of that right away so you can get the money back! After you get it ready to go (READ INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY), please call me before you mail it.

I gotta go. I love you plus qu’hier moins que demain.