On a late Saturday afternoon in the Fall, a year before 9/11, my mother sent me the following email, with the subject line “my new email address”:

Ta Da!

If you have received this epistle, I am connected to Earthlink and somehow sending email through Outlook. I think. Anyway, save the address.

Changing isps is way too hard for me to do it again soon.

I hope I remember to cancel MSN . . .

Love you lots and lots.

If you don’t want to talk about stuff, now you can email me.

LOVE, mom

For some reason that I cannot imagine, it took me four days to reply. I sent her this on October 25th at 6:17 PM:

well … how often do you think you’ll check this eMail address?

The next morning, on October 26th at 11:20 AM, she wrote me:

Pretty often. I’m really excited about my new earthlink account. I plan to get some things done on the web that I didn’t know how to do before.

So, keep sending me emails.

I love you,