“Letters from Mom”

Mom wrote me hundreds of letters and would often send me greeting cards with snipped comics or articles from newspapers or magazines she thought I'd enjoy.

Mom and Jenny came to visit me in Los Angeles in the Spring of ’06 and we had a great time. We went to Disneyland and the La Brea Tar Pits and I got to show them my new home.

Once they returned to Florida, Mom sent me a greeting card with Tweety Bird on the front saying, “Thank you…” and inside, “…from the bottom of my widdle heart.” This is what she wrote inside:

Dear T      & David,

I can’t tell you how great our visit was last week!

Having the chance to get to know T      much better and to see the wonderful dynamic between the two of you was a delight.

T     , I truly meant it when I said I was loving you more each minute.

You two are great together. Take care of each other, always.

I love you both,

Thank you both!