“Letters from Mom”

Mom wrote me hundreds of letters and would often send me greeting cards with snipped comics or articles from newspapers or magazines she thought I'd enjoy.

Mom sent me this shortly after my company moved into new offices. It was nearly impossible to read because she wrote with a light blue-inked pen on a card that was covered with bright pink and purple flowers with no room for a message.

Dear David,

I wanted to congratulate you on your new and somewhat unique office.

I hope things are “settling down.” Heh, Heh!

Ok, so I think I may have come up with a solution to Mocha’s vomitus problem!

I talked to our vet and told her that Mocha has not barfed all day. Yea!

So – no big kibbles for Mocha.

I’m going to have to access some funds from my retirement fund, but that’s ok.

My transcript was not accepted, so I have to order another one for $10.00.

Ah, well, at least I’ll have the wonderful privilege of becoming a substitute teacher, hopefully only for a short time.

By the way, why did you want me to write you every day?

Did I tell you I’m hooked on dancing with the stars?

My goal for tomorrow is to hook up with a weight watchers group. I truly need to lose weight — a lot of it. Maybe I’ll be gorgeous the next time you see me!

Have a wonderful day!


I had asked her to write me every day because I thought it might help her break out of her depression. I wish she’d known how beautiful I always thought she was.