This is the last email I received from my mom:

Dear David,

I personally contacted a representative at Daytona Beach State College asking if I could get free counselling. She advised me that I was not eligible for free counselling because I am not a student at the college.

I then contacted Embry-Riddle University and was told the same thing.

I did, however, discover that they had a department of health and public services. I thought that might work, but the phone lines were busy every time I tried to speak to someone.

The last organization I contacted was the Women’s Center. I was also able to talk to one other person who reommended the Women’s Center as well.

I am planning to search for jobs online for the rest of the day.

I will be taking a walk when I finish this letter.

I love you very much and would be deeply grateful if you would speak to me with respect. Some day, your child might like you to show the same respect I give you.