My mom’s friend from her church sent me a very nice email. It made me so happy to read it when I got it.

Thanks David for sending the wonderful pictures of [your son], you and [your wife]. Your mom really, really enjoys the pictures that you are emailing. I enjoy your pictures because I love babies – I have a big soft spot for babies and kids.

Your mom got an extra special kick out of your comments about the picture I emailed you of her. She had to have told me like 30 or more times “did you know David said I looked beautiful’. She is still getting mileage off of that high moment.

Well David, I am going to turn in. Love and care for your family every moment of every day. Keep the pictures coming. You will absolutely look back at this time and these times as the ‘good ole days’. Print duplicates of your pictures and make a photo album for [your son] to keep as well as one for yourself. Kids of all ages enjoy looking at themselves in pictures.