Kathleen Albanese Gagne

Mom Eating Pancakes, Watched by Buddie and Prudence

When I was a kid I often had the job of cooking breakfast on the weekends for mom and my little sister. Chocolate chip pancakes and / or chocolate chip blueberry muffins were the usual fare. Then we’d eat on tray tables in the living room and watch cartoons or Saturday morning football or Star Wars.

Shortly after my son was born, my sister — in a Herculean effort — managed to get mom on a plane and bring her to visit her new grandson. On Sunday morning I made pancakes for everyone and we had a very nice morning. Prudence, the smooth-coat Jack Russell Terrier we usually call “Peanut”, and Buddie (who died about a month after this photo was taken; we never told mom) refused to believe that mom wouldn’t feed them some pancakes.