I received a phone call from Nurse Rhonda at the Halifax Hospital Psychiatric Unit. I was asleep and didn’t wake when the phone rang, but she left me a voice mail asking if I would give consent for mom to be put on Namenda. Here is a transcript of the message she left me:

“Hi. Good morning, David. This is Rhonda. I’m your mother’s nurse, Kathleen, today. I’m at Halifax Hospital. I’m calling because the doctor has ordered a medication called Namenda, five milligrams, and he wants her to have it twice a day and I need consent from you in order to give this medicine. Please return my call if you have any questions. Thank you. Goodbye.”

(1) What doctor?
(2) Why does she say she needs consent from me for this medicine, but my consent wasn’t requested for every other change in medication prior to this or after this?
(3) Why did she not leave a number for me to return her call?