At about nine o’clock tonight someone from the Halifax Hospital Psychiatric Unit left me a voice mail asking me to call as soon as possible. (I didn’t get to listen to the message until about 9:30 PM PST.) I was told that mom was being very anxious and the nurse wanted my permission to give her something for anxiety. Here is a transcript of the message:

“Hi, David. This is Carolyn. I’m your mother’s nurse. A message was given to me that you said to call you if your mother was upset or outta control and she is upset and out of control, so I’m gonna call the doctor to see if she’s begging for some medication to see if we can’t give her something to help her anxiety. Thank you.”

I called back at about 10:00 PM PST and talked to the nurse on duty for about twenty minutes, primarily about my frustrations with Dr. Caliendo and his apparent attitude and lack of communication with me. (The nurse promised to get him to call me, which presumably was the reason he called me at 5:00 AM PST the next day.)