I repeatedly called the “day room” at the Halifax Hospital Psychiatric Unit, but the line was busy. Then I called the “main line” and Julie answered the phone. I talked to her for about ten minutes. She told me that Dr. Caliendo is very well-respected and she really likes him. She also told me that there are five total psychiatrists on staff on the unit.

I called the “day room” about five minutes later, but the line was still busy. So I called Julie again and she transferred me to the “med room”. A tech who answered the phone there told me he had no idea when the phones in the “day room” were supposed to be “activated”.

I called the “day room” at 11:45 AM PST and a crazy woman answered the phone. She said that mom was asleep and she yelled at me for bothering them.

At 12:35 PM PST I called again and managed to get mom on the phone. It was a very depressing call. She said that she didn’t trust me, that she can’t trust anyone, and that she doesn’t remember me. She said she doesn’t remember us living in Holly Hill or Daytona, but then a minute later she said she did. (Although she may have only said that she remembered because she was scared. I couldn’t tell.)