I sent this email to Delia McClain, a Medicaid Client Services Specialist with ElderSource:

Hello Delia,

I’m writing to see if I can get a status update on my mother’s case. You had mentioned that — in addition to the waiting list for an assisted living facility assistance waiver — you were going to add my mother to a waiting list specifically targeted at individuals with dementia.

I am just wondering if any new information is available.

It has been three months now that my mother has been living in very poorly-funded, decrepit, state-run mental institutions receiving no rehabilitative care at all (and only marginal medical care). With every day that passes I am increasingly desperate to get her into a decent facility. I know that she is scared to death every second she spends where she is now and that is undoubtedly contributing to her (possibly justified) paranoia and (likely) making her deteriorated mental state even worse.

Please let me know if there is anything I need to do or can do to help my mother.


David Vincent Gagne