Halifax HealthI called Halifax Hospital this morning and talked about mom with Natalia, a nurse, for about twenty-two minutes.

She said mom’s blood pressure was better, and her core temperature is “improving”. She also told me that mom was, “responding to stimuli,” and to her name. She said that mom was still critical, but much better than when she was admitted last night.

Mom’s heartbeat is irregular, and they’re giving her “lots of antibiotics” because they think she may have pneumonia. They are also giving her morphine. Mom has an impacted bowel and inflamed colon, which sounds awful.

They gave her a CAT scan last night and Natalia told me that everything in her brain appears normal; there is no evidence of a stroke at all. She does have fluid in her lungs, though, which is why they are thinking it might be pneumonia.

Natalia told me that she was on shift until seven o’clock (Eastern time) tonight.