My mom’s friend from her church visited her at Halifax Hospital today. She left me a voice mail, which I’ve transcribed here:

“Hey David, it’s [name redacted]. I’m sorry I missed your call yesterday; I didn’t even hear the phone ring. I’ll probably send you a text. I just finished visiting your mom on my lunch hour. She seems to be doing good. They are taking her off of … or stepping her down from her full-out sedation and trying to … to wake her up so they’ll step that down and … apparently I visited and they had already done her colonoscopy this morning and she seems to be doing better … or … She looks good, color’s good. So. Y’know I don’t know how long she’s gonna be there but things seem to be doing okay. I guess her UTI’s getting better; things are proceeding as they should I guess. I will talk to you later. Bye.”

* Today is my little sister’s birthday.