I just received this email from my sister:

Hi, David.

So, I talked to Jessica at Coastal.  Their beds are full, and I will need to find yet another facility that will be able to meet Mom's needs, whatever they may be by the time she is able to leave AND that will also take Mom as a "Medicaid Pending".  I have to mail the last 3 months of bank statements for all of Mom's accounts to Chamberlin Edmonds so they can now take over the Medicaid process. Coastal had not really started moving on it since she had only been there a few days.  Also, you will be getting a refund check for the money you put in for her transportation. 1  I should get a partial refund from the money I paid towards her PT, etc.  We need to give Coastal a heads up as to who is going to pick up Mom's things and when, I guess so they can have someone there to get it out of storage.  Basically, she said they don't do bed holds.

1 While I was at the facility, I gave them $100.00 to put in an account for my mom. Mom needed to leave the facility to get an X-ray performed on her pelvis and they asked me if it was okay to put her on a bus because she didn’t have the $5.00 needed to pay for the private transportation Coastal provides. I said that it was absurd and insulting that they wanted to put her on a bus for want of five dollars, and wrote them a check.