I was able to talk to Nurse Karen for a few minutes this afternoon. She told me that my mom had recently been seen by Dr. Moore, a psychiatrist who was covering for Dr. Greer.

Karen told me that mom was more talkative today, and that she had clearly spoken “four or five words”. That doesn’t sound like much, but it was enough to get me a little bit hopeful again. She also said that mom was very hungry today and had eaten at least 95% of her lunch.

Karen confirmed that they had stopped administering Sinemet, the drug for Parkinson’s that I had never approved and couldn’t imagine why they had started giving her. (At no point has anyone told me that they think my mom has Parkinson’s disease.)

She also said that Dr. Dahila Fulop had been to see mom yesterday (June 12, 2012).

Karen then helped hold the phone up to mom’s ear so I could talk to her for a few minutes. I tried telling her that I loved her and missed her and hoped she was feeling a little better, but she didn’t respond at all — not even a word — and I could just hear her crying on the other end of the line. After it became clear that she wasn’t going to say anything and I couldn’t take it any longer, I simply hung up.