I called to talk to mom and a new receptionist — Jackie? — answered the phone. (Apparently Jeannette was on a break.) I asked to speak to her supervisor, because I am just trying to get in touch with someone in any position of authority there, anyone who can actually do something. I’m very frustrated because now there are doctors making completely contradictory recommendations: one doctor says she’s fine physically and her problems are psychological, another doctor says there’s nothing that can be done for her psychologically and she must have a medical problem.

Jackie transferred me to Kim, the Nurse Manager. Kim told me that Dr. Stoner is the Medical Director at Halifax Hospital and technically he is the boss of all the doctors. She told me his number is (386) 254-4226, so I called to try to get in touch with him.

Dr. Stoner’s assistant, EveAnn Magoulas, answered the line. We spoke for a long time — I delivered yet another twenty-minute history of mom — and she suggested I get in touch with Chuck Flavio, the Service Line Administrator for Psychiatry at (386) 947-4648. She also assured me that she would contact Chuck and make sure he calls me.

I called Mr. Flavio and left him a message.