I received a phone call from (386) 736-5417. It was Investigator Brown from the Department of Children and Families. He said he was calling regarding the allegations I reported about Woodland Terrace ignoring my instructions to not administer medication to my mom. 1

We had a very long conversation, during which he repeatedly asked me about any falls mom might have had. (I detailed the three falls that I’ve documented on this website since she’s been at Woodland Terrace, though I tried to explain to him that I wasn’t really complaining about her falls.) I gave him the twenty-minute, long version history of mom’s story.

Investigator Brown said that he would probably see mom in the morning (of the 12th), and that he had twenty-four hours to respond to a request like mine. He also said that he might be able to get over there today, and that he’d already called Woodland Terrace and asked them to prepare a “standard packet of information” for him.

I asked him what I could expect now, and he said that because of state of Florida regulations, he was not allowed to “report back to the reporter”. He said that it was because of false accusations, usually involving child abuse or child custody battles, and that he didn’t want me to be upset with him for not calling me back.

I said, “So basically I won’t ever hear anything about this?”

Investigator Brown said, “That’s the way it works!”

At that point we started talking about the inefficiency and absurdity of most of the government processes in the state of Florida, and somehow that derailed into a convivial chat (that I really wasn’t in the mood to be having) about FSU and Stetson and their football teams.

The entire call lasted forty-three minutes.

1 He told me that someone named Gina Fountain “out of the Daytona unit” would also be calling me within twenty-four hours to ask me about the pelvic fracture mom suffered while at Grace Manor Port Orange. She never called..