Fish MemorialA nurse named Meghan Weir called me from Fish Memorial Hospital. 1 She told me that it was normal procedure when there was a death for them to call the Deland Police Department, and that “they” had been there, “to see if there was a stabbing or a shooting.”

She told me that Detective Whittier (a male) would be calling me soon, either tonight or tomorrow morning. 2

I also wrote the following notes:

  • released her body to Cusack Mortuary, at 727 South Stone Street, in Deland 3
  • “I need to have an autopsy done!” 4
  • Cusack is just holding her body; it needs to be refrigerated; they’ll hold it until they talk to me, (386) 734-3831 is their #

Meghan said, “Try to get a little bit of rest … while you’re flyin’.”
I said, “I will,” and she replied, “Okey doke. Thank you.”

1 She told me that she “took over for Allen“, although I can’t remember who Allen is.
2 Detective Whittier called me eight minutes later.
3 She had to repeat the name three times and then spell it before I could understand. I kept thinking she was saying, “Chumash.”
4 I exclaimed this to her on the phone.