I called 1 Detective Whittier of the Deland Police Department to let him know about my conversation with Bob Burch at the office of the Volusia County Medical Examiner.

Here are my notes from the call:

  • she’s @ the one in Deland 2
  • he told me to make sure I get toxicology reports
  • he said that he had not talked to Bob Burch this morning; he talked to him twice last night but not at all today
  • he made it pretty clear that he was not lying to me, and he told me that he wouldn’t lie to me because he knows how stressful this all is
  • asked me to let him know when toxicology reports come in

1 Note that this website lists times as Pacific; this call began at 12:55 PM EDT.
2 There are two Cusack Mortuaries; the detective had asked me where my mother’s body was