A friend of mine managed to uncover what is apparently the personal cell phone of Dr. Marie Hermann, the chief medical examiner for Volusia County and the person Bob Burch told me would ultimately be responsible for deciding if an autopsy would be performed on my mother’s body.

I called the number and she answered, “Hello?”

I asked if this was Dr. Hermann and she said that it was. I said, “Hello, Dr. Hermann. My name is David Gagne and I’m calling about arranging an autopsy for my mother, Kathleen, who passed away on Sunday.”

She asked me, “Okay, are you at the number you’re calling me from?” and then said the area code of my phone. I confirmed that was my number and she said that she was driving right now, but would return my call in about twenty minutes.

I thanked her as profusely and earnestly as I could and she said, “Okay,” and we hung up.