Early in the afternoon of Friday, November 2nd, 2012, attorney Steve Phillips replied to my email from that morning. He embedded his responses inline and in bold:


Sent: November 2, 2012 @ 1:01 PM PST
Subject: Re: Status Update?

See Below.

(1) Can you tell me the date that Woodland Terrace was first made aware of our request for my mom’s medical records? I have been in contact with WT regarding the records. They are hesitant on releasing the records because your mother is deceased and you have not been appointed the PR of her estate by a court. We have taken the position that they have the authorization to discuss your mother’s medical care and chart with you. Their attorney is reviewing their position.

(2) Can you tell me for how long you’ve been waiting for a response from the Woodland Terrace attorney? I discussed this with them about 2 weeks ago. I expect a response one way or the other soon.

(3) Are you also awaiting the receipt of medical records from Halifax Medical Center and / or Florida Hospital DeLand (Fish Memorial Hospital)? Had you requested medical records from either of those facilities? I cannot remember. I did not request these. Dr. Wolf needs to review the last 30 days of treatment records and the intake treatment plan from the facility which should be very comprehensive.