This morning I received a response from the Director of Alumni Relations at Seton Hill University.


Seton Hill UniversityDavid,

I am very sorry to learn of the recent death of your mother.

I apologize for the delay in my response but thank you for your inquiry regarding information about your mother’s attendance at Seton Hill. I was able to confirm with our registrar that she was at Seton Hill from the fall of 1966 through the fall of 1968. I contacted our archives for possible photos or previous articles that she wrote for our Setonian newspaper. I attach some electronic copies of what we were able to discover. I hope this is helpful.


Attached were six scans from the newspaper, which you can see here. (And, man! I bet she was ticked to see her name spelled with a Y instead of an IE in the paper!)

I replied to the alumni office with a note of thanks and to ask if they could find any more information:


Oh, my gosh!

Thank you so much!

That is so amazing! I love seeing these!!!

Is there any way you could determine anything more specific about the dates she was enrolled? Is there any way to know which classes she took? I would love to know anything like that.

But even if that information is lost forever, I am eternally grateful to have what you’ve sent. Thank you so, so much.