Kathleen Albanese GagneMom has been dead for nine and a half months now, and I have been trying unsuccessfully to get Woodland Terrace — the nursing facility where she died — to give me copies of her medical records since about two weeks after that. Their latest stall tactic is to say they won’t deliver the records until we’ve paid for photocopying them, and they continue to delay by not sending us an invoice to pay. On Monday, May 20th, Mr. Morrison of Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. — the law firm representing Woodland Terrace — told Kelly Mathis of Mathis & Murphy, P.A. that we, “should get invoice this week.”

I told Mr. Mathis on the 20th that I had little faith that they would actually do that, and of course I was right. I emailed and called him on the 24th to ask him what we should do next, but he has yet to reply to my email or voice mail. So this morning I sent him this email:



Have you received an invoice yet? Have you had any further contact with Mr. Morrison at all?

As a reminder: On May 20th Mr. Morrison indicated that he spoke to Woodland Terrace on the 17th and that we, “should get invoice this week,” which would have been by the 24th.

PS: I tried contacting you via email and voice mail on the 24th.