Towards the end of May 2014 I sent the following email to a family friend:


I got a reply about two hours later, asking me when mom died. I wrote:


This friend replied on Friday, May 30th and suggested I contact Mac McLeod of The McLeod Firm. I wrote with my thanks and said I would contact Mr. McLeod the following Monday.

I dreaded and feared reaching out to yet another law firm and getting the same response again. It took me almost a week to stop procrastinating and make the call, but I finally did on Friday, June 6th. Nobody answered the phone there, so I left a voice mail with my name and phone number.

On Monday, June 9th I received a call from Kristy, a paralegal at the firm. We spoke for about twenty-five minutes and I explained everything that had happened. Kristy told me that she would present the details to Mr. McLeod and get back to me as soon as she could.

I received this email the next day:


Attached was this letter: