How do they bear it?
September 25th, 2001 @ 12:00 pm

I got a call early this morning for an interview with BCN Associates. It sounded really good when I sent my resume in, but now I’m really nervous about it. I haven’t got a clue whether I’m remotely qualified for it either. I got my hair cut and drove by the building. It’s the Seagle […]

I Get So Lonely
July 1st, 2001 @ 12:00 pm

A Day in Gainesville

May 1st, 1998 @ 12:00 pm

May 1, 1998 I gave Jen her At At for graduation. She played with it for a while. (At her apt, just Jen & Mandy & me) Then, I said I thought it might be a pretty silly graduation gift from her silly Mom. She hugged me and said, “You’re not silly – you’re perfect.”

January 5th, 1998 @ 12:00 pm

Took Jen back to Gainesville yesterday. Spent several hours watching football with David, Jen, George, Sylvia, Mom & Ron. David told me today that Ron was very impressed that we would do that, that no one in his family would go to him and just relax and spend time together. from a journal entry titled […]

December 21st, 1997 @ 12:00 pm

Mom could sing