This was another greeting card that mom obviously got after making a donation after seeing an infomercial. On the front is two elephants butting heads and on the back is a message about supporting the Sierra Club.


Jen and I went to the Museum of Natural History Saturday. It was pretty cool but not as impressive as others I’ve seen. We had a great day. After the museum, we went to Farah’s for lunch, then to see Shreck [sic] (which was really good). Then we went to K-Mart to buy birthday presents for your littlest cousin.

I saw this article in Smithsonian while I was in the ER with Jen. Thought you might be interested.

Miss you like crazy! Hate it that Jen’s leaving Tuesday! Nana’s coming up Wednesday.

I get so lonely —

So, tell T      I said hello and hope she’s feeling better.

I love you,