“Letters from Mom”

Mom wrote me hundreds of letters and would often send me greeting cards with snipped comics or articles from newspapers or magazines she thought I'd enjoy.

Mom wrote me this in a greeting card during my first semester of college. There is a laughing cartoon cat on the front of the card being carried through the clouds hanging onto a pack of heart-shaped balloons. The note on the inside is, “Love you bunches!!” and there was also a small paper on business-card stock with “YOU’RE THE GREATEST” inside the card.

Anne was her therapist for a while and someone she considered a close friend. It kills me that mom spent basically her entire life worried (and close to panicking) about money. She worked hard – hard – her whole life and could never even come close to climbing out of debt; she died penniless.

Hi, Love!

Just a quickie — I’ve got, like, two minutes, but I didn’t want that mailbox empty another day!

Red Sox won last night – I think Toronto lost, Yea!

Can’t wait to see you – it seems like ages. Have you grown?

I actually had the ×××× to write up a proposal and send a letter to Anne asking to borrow $5000.00 against the house. I’m praying but not really hopeful – she just took her whole family (several kids, grand-kids and friends) to Holland for a week of major festivities celebrating her 50th anniversary. She’s probably broke. But, maybe she knows someone…

I applied at Sears, Penneys and Albertsons and picked up apps. at Service Merch., Builders Square and B. Dalton. A couple said they would be hiring for Christmas. Jen went to Ponderosa and Publix and talked to them. No one is hiring!

Speaking of Ponderosa, I saw parts of a tribute to Michael Landon last night. God, I loved him when I was a teenager. Cried all the way through.

Gotta go! I love you. It was great hearing your paper; I would give it an A – hopefully, he hasn’t read a thousand of them on that poem.



It’s 9:00 A.M. – Anne just called me at work — They’re going to do it!!! I’ll have the money in about a week!!!

Thank God!!!!

I love you, Mom

I’ll tell you more when you come home.