“Letters from Mom”

Mom wrote me hundreds of letters and would often send me greeting cards with snipped comics or articles from newspapers or magazines she thought I'd enjoy.

Kathie Gagne, HalloweenMom loved Halloween so much. She always made us very elaborate costumes, sewing and makeup and special effects. (One year we were Smurfs and she sewed the outfits herself from pillow cases and sheets and painted us blue.) She sent me this note on what was my first Halloween away from home ever.

The “soon, Mildred, soon,” line is a reference to Remington Steele.

Hi, David,

I didn’t write to you, but it was nice talking to you last night. Sounds like you had a lot of Halloween fun. Hope you got some sleep …

I’m at work at 8:00 again. I’m wearing a long peasant shirt, an apron, a lace shawl, Jenny’s blue bandana on my hair, about 4 lbs of make-up including major lipstick, and 6 rings and at least that many neclaces. OK, so I was going to get dressed up, but I decided to just … (I’m a gypsy, ok?) I hope someone else comes in costume, or I’m in trouble. Nana actually said I look good in makeup! That’s a mother for you! Patty took today off, so it will probably be pretty hectic. Yecch.

Jenny looked good in her straight jacket and arrow through the head. Michelle borrowed a Red Sox shirt of Jenny’s. Jen actually said she could wear the “Boston” or the “Red Sox” shirt, and Michelle asked which team was better. Sacrilege!

Last night, I happened to be awake for Fantasy 5. The first 2 numbers were 9 and 22, both my numbers, and I thought we might be on a roll. Ah, well, soon, Mildred, soon!

I gotta go touch up my lipstick and get ready for work. I love you lots & lots & lots.