This is a journal entry from one of mom’s old notebooks. It is curiously missing a day from its date. Who doesn’t write the day when dating a journal entry? (I wonder if mom was having some sort of cognitive issues even then.)

November, 1998
Jen finally got the stuff ready for her application to Americorp. She asked David to write her a recommendation, which he did. It was unbearably beautiful. He spoke about how he admires her and how she is, to him, the symbol of all that is good in the world. Jen is a very private person, and she won’t let me make a copy, but I wish she would. What I would give to have had the love of a brother like David. I missed all of the closeness with my own brother – if I could only ever have admired and respected     the way Jen and David admire each other…

But that’s another story. This one is about the special love between my two remarkable children.

I’m sitting in the Port Orange City Hall conference room, looking out on a beautiful lake surrounded by a peaceful landscape, waiting for a clerk to make me some copies. Jen is home with Mom – again.

She is so excited because David will be here Saturday for the game. It’s amazing to me how deep is the love they share. And they both seem to think it is the most natural thing in the world.

They often credit me for their wonderfulness. I hope in some way I am responsible because who they are gives my life meaning.