This journal entry is dated January 4, 1998, but it’s sandwiched between entries from November of 1998 and February of 1999, so I think it’s safe to say mom just inadvertently wrote the wrong year.

January 4, 1998

Jen is getting ready to go to Gainesville next weekend to become a member of Americorp. She’ll be staying with David & ***** for a month or two.

I don’t know for certain if she will be able to handle working for the Parks Division. I’m afraid her allergies will hold her back. But I so admire her for trying. Jen is incredible. This could be really good for her. Maybe it will help her to gain some focus for her future.

She’s very generous and nurturing, so much so that I worry about her not paying enough attention to her own needs. My beautiful, wonderful child!

***** offered to let Jen use her car until Jen can get one of her own & David says he is working on getting money together for her. How special it is that *****, too, is so generous and loving.

What wonderful people are these children of mine! And *****, too. I wish that Jen will find a love who is worthy of her.