Feb. 28, 1999
Jen came home yesterday. We took Mom to Epiphany because it was the anniversary of the day Dad died. Thirteen years. Jen was only ten. What an incredible woman she is now, so full of love and life, giving and nurturing, funny and wise. How blessed am I to have her in my life!

Today, while I was at work, she nailed a board on the back of the kitchen door. And she cleaned out and rearranged the pantry to make things easier for me. And she washed the dishes and the floor with cold water. And she bought the dogs biscuits and put a Goofy window sticker up on the window over the sink.

I hate it when she leaves; sometimes I get scared I’ll never see her again. I still remember thinking that about Dad the day before he died. How infinitely much more painful it would be if anything ever happened to Jen.

I want so much for her. Please, oh, please, let there be someone wonderful out there for her, someone who will understand how ineffably precious she is and who will cherish her all the days of their lives. Please let her have the gift of children who will treasure her as I treasure her. And, if I can, let me see it and know it and rejoice with her.

My wonderful girl child woman. Jen.
Jenny, you are the best of us!

I love you so much!