I bought this today because I think this is a very important time in my life. I hope it will be the beginning of the best years …

It’s funny that I should be experiencing so many new things, that so many things are changing inside me. I have no job; I’ve gained weight; I’m concerned about Jen; David is all the way across the country, and I miss him terribly while I rejoice for him and hope his future is as bright as the vision he has.

Then there’s the whole Mom thing, the loss of her friendship and gaining her as a child, my fears about having her with me and feeling selfish about wanting this time for myself …

And yet, with a few words, I realized that I am not what I weigh, I am not a total failure when I am struggling and gaining. And I feel in general as if a hundred years of stress have fallen away.

I think I’m beginning to figure out who I am — the way I told people at Cox that I would be moving in my life.

I think the possibilities are endless and exciting.
Kathleen A. Gagne