Jen had a movie date with Andrew Saturday as planned. While I was sort of waiting for her to call, David called instead. He never calls during the day, so it was a nice surprise.

We made small talk for a while and talked about football a little. Then he asked if I had any plans for Sunday. I told him breakfast with Anita and Jen, service with Jen and then a movie.

And then he said the most incredible thing! He and [redacted] were thinking about going to Disney and Universal Sunday, something about free tickets they couldn’t use! Did we want to join them!

Somehow, Jen and I managed to get everything together. Patrick (Rona’s fiance) came to take care of the dogs. I packed and cleaned and couldn’t sleep a wink (okay, maybe 2 hours) and then got up at 3:00 and drove to Orlando.

What an incredible day! We ended up just going to Disney World. It rained most of the day, and we got soaked a couple of times! I rode on Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain for the first time and we went on Jungle Cruise, Pirates, Small World, Wedway. It was great!

And, oh, the best part was all the time we got to spend with David. What a gift! He was wonderful. He was attentive and kind and fun. And I love seeing him and Jen together! What Joy!

I must have walked a hundred miles — and my body is still complaining about all the uphill and down and climbing in and out of carts and cars.

But we laughed and were silly and had a great time!

Later we went to stay at the Hyatt at the Orlando Airport. We had a room on the 7th floor. It was great.

So Jen and I spent most of 24 hours with David. I got in lots of hugs and we even got to talk about “stuff” a few times. And Jen and David both held my hand a lot during the day. They were so great. My heart was bursting.

David and I even talked about his relationship with [redacted] while we were driving back to the airport. He even mentioned a couple of very sad emails he got from [redacted], one the day after their divorce and one last week. He’s still planning to get his own place, but that probably won’t happen until after he gets a job. I guess it means at least another year in L.A.

I miss him so much and so does Jen. I hate the thought of another year with him so far away, especially with all the crazy stuff going on in the country.

If there is a power running the universe, I ask only that my children are safe.

What a great day we had!
Kathleen A. Gagne