Gators won big over South Carolina yesterday. I made Jen’s veggie chili, and she and Mom & I watched the game. It was a great one!

Today we all went to the Gainesville Festival & Craft Show. It would have been great, but I am so out of shape, I could hardly manage a couple of hours. It was a comfortable day, but I was in a foul mood and I started to get exhausted and off balance.

And I realized that another year has gone by and I’m fatter and in worse shape than ever. It’s beyond embarrassing; I’m depressed and scared.

Sometime during the day, I had an idea. What if I started a group that rewarded people for losing weight? What if I charged people $5.00 per week to come and hear weight-loss tips & paid (rewarded) them when they reached certain goals. There would be 2 plans — one for people with under 30 lbs. to lose and one for people with more than that. The unders would get $10. back every time they lost 10 lbs. Assuming it would average 4 weeks to lose each 10 lbs., I would get $10.00 from each person every 4 weeks. The overs would get $10 for the first 10 lbs., $20 for the next 20 lbs., and then have a choice of $20 for 20 or $10 for 10 until they reached their goal.

Each person would follow their own choice of weight loss plans (after signing a disclaimer) and each person would be asked to share a success story at least once a month.

I would copyright the plan — maybe provide fruit at each meeting. It would be an inexpensive way for people to be in a group and would provide a tangible reward. I would join a group like that …

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Kathleen A. Gagne