It’s 11:40 PM. Jen left for Tampa about half an hour ago. She’s driving there and spending the night at the Carswell’s. They said she could leave her car there and take a taxi to the airport.

She came over around 8 and we spent good time together. We laughed and talked and played Whomp and were silly. She is such a joy. She told me last night that she really worries about losing me. But she says she knows she has important things to do. She is getting so mature, probably more than I am. (hehe)

She’s also been talking about moving in with me for a while to save money. Wow!

She was really upset last night when she realized that I get angry with [redacted]. She told me [redacted] is the only one of her best friends who has time for her and that she wants to enjoy her life and not be tied down to what she described as the kind of life I’ve had.

I pray she stays safe, has a good time, and comes home happy!

I had an interview yesterday with a company called digi-net. It sounds like a really good opportunity financially. I’d be the oldest person in the company. And it’s doing exactly what I was doing before, but it could become an executive position within a year. And I really need a job.

I also saw Susan today. She gave me a couple of books to read. Mostly, she just listens, and that’s a lot! Sometimes she gives me strategies, but I’m really great at not doing them all the way.

She also has this incredible habit of telling me to forgive myself and not worry about what I’ve done or haven’t done wrong.

Jen gave me a great massage when she got here. She said she had gotten one from Patrick’s roommate who was studying to become a masseuse.

If I get a job, I can start thinking about Christmas. All I’ve bought so far are some books for [redacted] and a nightgown for Mom. I want to get a picture of Salty & one of Reebok enlarged to give to Jen.

David called while Jen was here. He told us he has a second interview for a job and that he got a part in a community theater production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” that will play for two weeks in a theater that seats 5000!
Kathleen A. Gagne