It’s been a while since I wrote. I’ve been up and down a lot, working on a 3rd interview with digi-net (could be a good opportunity), went to see Susan in a funny play, had someone give me $24 because I’m out of work (great story!), not getting stuff done around the house, worrying about money, missing Salty, missing Jen & David A Lot!!!

I took out my Christmas Goofy & put him on the hearth.

Feel like I haven’t made much progress figuring out my life. Feel like I’ve wasted a lot of this time off, except some, maybe, with Susan, and when I’m walking, a little. Feel as if I should have, could have written a whole book in this time, feel like I never learn.

Decided to lose 10 pounds and did it. Want to lose 10 more and having a problem doing it. Feel as if I can do it if I focus on only 10 at a time, maybe.

Worried about Jen flying. She’s supposed to call tonight.
Kathleen A. Gagne