It’s been a long time again.

Mom is here. The money situation gets worse by the hour and neither job called today, and I saw nothing in the paper. Little success with ebay. Planning huge yard sale Saturday with Jen.

Spurrier resigned Friday. I’m not sure why I wrote that just now. The kids were shocked — me, too.

Spoke with David. I wanted to ask him for money, but I couldn’t do it, not again.

“From whence will my help come?”

Maybe I’m changing a little. I’m not freaking out — handling it a little differently, maybe …

I had such high hopes when I left Cox.

The things C. said really rankle now, that she was making a case …

David’s Weakest Link might be on this Wednesday. He sent me two beautiful cards with lovely, caring notes inside.

My heart is so full of love for David and Jen. They are the light of Springtime and the glory of Summer, the crispness of Autumn, and the promise of Winter.

They are my best, but not my only, friends.

I spoke to Fran yesterday. She loves me unconditionally, as always, the mother of us all from away back when. She was so delighted to hear from me. It was so great to hear her voice and to bask in that joy. I so want her to come here — when David & Jen are both here. She’s going to try to see David on TV.

What a miraculous gift she, too, has been in my life!

I told her to tell Jude I think of him every time I send money to the Columbans. She thought that was cool.
Kathleen A. Gagne