Susan and I spoke at length about my fears about health. I think I told her more about what it does to me than I’ve ever told anyone. She said it comes from me not having anyone understand me or comfort me when I was a child. I told her I felt as if there was / is something wrong with me.

I think Fran might be dying. Jen called from Chicago and said we could go see her next week.

David called around 11 to talk about [redacted] … He actually asked for advice and said I really helped.

… [redacted] …

So I’m worried about Jen flying home and David being able to handle this delicate situation lovingly and [redacted] and [redacted] both feeling hurt no matter what he does.

And Fran.

Work is ok. Maybe good. I get lots of time off in a full year. I calculated it to be 36 days, paid. (Not paid much, but paid.)

I guess all we can ever do is hope and trust (what?) that things will work out. Sometimes they do.
Kathleen A. Gagne