Jen is back from Chicago. She got in Tuesday night, and today she’s coming over for Mom Night. At the end of May, she’s going on the Appalachian Trail for a week again.

David is definitely not coming for Easter. I hope he’ll be in Florida for a few days when Ryan gets married, and I hope Jen and I (and Mom & Dic) can get to see him.

It’s been a year since we’ve seen him for more than a day. It feels like it’s been forever. It hurts that he doesn’t seem to understand or care about how we feel. In my heart, I hope it’s because he feels a little guilty about being so far away and can’t face it. In my heart, I hope his hearth misses us …

It’s becoming more evident every minute that I’m in huge trouble financially. I tried to talk to the Florida Credit Union about refinancing the car and second mortgage, but they said they don’t make loans until your bankruptcy is 5 years old. In September, it will be 4 years.

Once again, I just can’t see any way out financially. I don’t know where to turn. I feel so alone about this. Where can I cut expenses? I’m in the same position I was in before my degree — it’s like all the years of struggling to raise David and Jen.

Jen talked about moving in in May, for a while.
Kathleen A. Gagne