I’m sitting in my car letting my cell phone charge. What makes this worthy of a journal entry is that my car is parked in the driveway of the House of Faith, St. Patrick’s Parish, Providence, RI.

We did it! Jen and I drove up, our “funky road trip.”

And, wow!, I had Fran in the same room as David and Jen.

She is so incredible! She loves everyone. When I remarked about the change (revitalization — incredible!) of of the in the neighborhood, I said, “You did it!” She looked at me and said, “We did it! You are a part of it.” Later, she said I had saved Bill. Someone noticed.

He’s getting married again tomorrow morning. I hope it goes really well for him and that he finally finds some peace.

David & Jen & [redacted] and I went to Federal Hill last night. We had pizza at Casserta’s and I took pictures of Gasbarro’s and County Loan. We might go back again before we leave.

I kept say “David and [redacted]” when we somehow got on to the subject of weddings. [Redacted] loved it! Apparently, they’ve been discussing it.

My remarkable Jen said she wanted to see her dad & his family, but she also wanted to come back to my end of RI and spend some time hearing my stories and walking around with me.

It’s freezing! It rained from 8:00 Thursday night until I went to bed last night (Fri), and now it’s drizzling again and very cold, and, of course, I expected it to be warm.

I may have to break down and buy a jacket or something.

I feel great! Peaceful. Loving the old tenements. (I love old houses & buildings!).

Fran is incredible. Did I already say that? There are a lot of people here who love me. Me. Just me, just as I am.
Kathleen A. Gagne