On October 24, 2004 mom sent this letter to the Northwood Family YMCA:


Dear Membership Director,

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I must cancel my YMCA membership at this time. Please stop my direct billing as soon as possible. (I am paying $27.00 per month at this time.) Should my situation change, I will rejoin at a later date

Thank you for your assistance. Please advise me whether I will still have privileges until the end of the 45-day period it takes to cancel. I will drop off my card as soon as I receive notice from you that you have cancelled my membership.

Everyone at the YMCA has been wonderful and very supportive. I have appreciated the assistance I received every time I came there.


Kathie Gagne


I wonder why she quit. I remember telling her that I’d be happy to give her the $27.00/mo if she needed it. I wonder if she had fun there. I wonder if she ever went swimming — she loved to swim, and loved being in the pool with us when we were little — or did some sort of aerobics class or tried to lift weights, or what.

I wonder if she had friends at the gym, if there were people that waved to her when she went or said hi to her in the locker room.