CardsMom came from a time when the art of writing letters was still tremendously important, and she was a great writer. She wrote letters throughout her entire life and sent them to politicians and to business leaders, to the newspapers where she lived, to disgruntled collection agencies, to PTA members, to friends, and — of course — to her children and family. I’ve found copies of letters she’s written to three different Presidents of the United States and they are all formatted exactly as formally as the ones she wrote to me in college.1

Mom loved being a mom. And she loved children. So after months and months of unemployment, I suggested she see if she could get involved with the school system somehow, and that maybe be could be a substitute teacher or something like that.

Here is a follow-up letter she wrote, I presume, after a job interview at Westwood Middle School:


1 I’m talking about printed correspondence only. She loved typewriters and word processors and formatting headers and addresses and salutations. But she also wrote beautiful handwritten letters. She wrote me a letter almost every day throughout my first year of college, and probably on average once or twice a week for the next four years I was there. I have — quite literally — dozens of boxes full of the hundreds and hundreds of letters she wrote me.