“Letters from Mom”

Mom wrote me hundreds of letters and would often send me greeting cards with snipped comics or articles from newspapers or magazines she thought I'd enjoy.

The market crash of ’08 profoundly affected mom. Her parents and grandparents lived through the Great Depression and talked about it often; it wasn’t some distant historical artifact like it is to most of us today. She hated to see people wanting, but was very excited about Obama getting elected.

Dear David,

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’m still wondering why you asked.

Mocha and I went for two walks today. There is a woman down the street who had $10.00 to her name yesterday and two teenagers and a dog to feed, plus a couple of cats.

Her neighbor goes to Publix and gets buy one, get one free offers and she gives the free one to Rhonda who was making about $60,000 per year and now has no money. She’s also battling multiple sclerosis, and her daughter needs a dress for their prom.

There are so many people with nothing. Most of the charitable agencies run out of money to give them before the end of the first week of the month.

Did I tell you that my church has a monthly book club? I’ve met some really nice people there lately. I’m looking forward to Christmas in the church, but I am, most definitely, very sad that I won’t see either of you for the holiday.

Next year will be better. I have hope for now, for some reason.

Please write me back,

I love you,