On April 17, 2009 mom wrote a document she saved on her computer as The Face of Florida Works.doc. I have no idea why she wrote it. It almost reads like a review for a website, or perhaps it was something she planned to send to Florida Works as part of a resume.


The Face of Florida Works:

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of skill and caring that I received on my first visit to Florida Works. I have been hiring and training people for years professionally, and having lost my job, was wondering how well clients would be treated.

People who come into Florida Works are often scared, with little money, having lost a job, wondering how they will find one, and how long it will take. Not having a job is almost worse than not having money.

At every turn; however, there is someone to help. The face of Florida Works is a smile from the front desk and respect from the staff.

It is always important to present a positive attitude when people are in stress mode. It is amazing how often a staff member can direct the person to the right place immediately.

When you’re scared and afraid of the future, you need someone who can support you with the information you need in a matter of minutes. I have found that the front desk staff is particularly good at that.

I have never seen anyone turned away. I have often seen clients smiling because they got the right answer without waiting.

Good business depends on good interactions, and at Florida Works, the issue is not to move people aside, but to get clients to the right place as quickly as possible.