My mom’s friend from her church sent me this email:

I need to do more research but the following is pretty clear:
Your mom can’t have a debit card – she needs to operate on a cash basis,
The only draft than can continue is the one to NelNet,
Your mom is probably a good canidate for bankruptcy – at the right time,
With the money your mom has left, she can only afford to stay at the Palmetto House or with your uncle until her social security income and pension start.
Even after her retirement income kicks in – she needs to be on a cash basis for groceries and sundries – the rent, electric, cell phone and NelNet should be paid by you via draft. The electric and cell phone bills can be delivered to you paperless and paid over the net. Rent at the Park has an established way to make ACH debits. I am not 100% sure the Park is still the best path, but I am sure she can’t afford to go there now with less than $700 left to last to September.

I will check with Halifax Humane Society and Arni Foundation for their policies on short to long term care of animals when the owner is in transition.