I recently found something my mom wrote and signed, dated June 7, 2010. It’s in her usual handwriting, and under her signature is someone else’s, listed as a witness. It reads:



I, Kathleen A. Gagne,

give permission for the following people to see my records related to my memory loss.

  • Dr. Shoemaker
  • Dr. Carpenter
  • Jennifer Gagne
  • Kathleen
  • David Gagne

Kathleen A. Gagne

{illegible} 6-7-2010 witness


The names Dr. Shoemaker, Dr. Carpenter, and Jennifer Gagne are all underlined. Her own name, which she apparently started writing out of habit and then crossed out, and mine are not underlined. The signature of the witness is illegible, but the first name appears to be Kristin.

I don’t know why she wrote this or to whom she gave it.