I just sent the following email to Sophia Mas at Stewart-Marchman (and copied my sister):

Dear Sophia,

Can you please send me the email address for Rodney Curtis, the discharge coordinator there? I have emailed him several times and never received a response; I suspect that he gave me an incorrect address when we spoke several weeks ago.

(Do you know if Rodney uses email regularly? If he doesn’t actually ever use email to communicate then I will not bother trying to contact him that way.)

I understand that your team is under pressure from the administration at Stewart Marchman to have my mother discharged, so I would very much like to know what Rodney’s plans are. I cannot imagine that she could legally be discharged from your facility without demonstrating competence, and we have yet to find a long-term care facility for her. (As I mentioned in an earlier email today, Maria from Lakewood Retirement still has not responded to my repeated attempts to contact her.)

When my sister and I spoke with you on Thursday, you indicated that my mother seemed to be excessively tired and that you were going to discuss that with Dr. Caliendo. Have you done so? Do you know if he has changed her dosages and / or medication?

I have called to talk to her three times in the last three days and have been told each time that she was either asleep or too tired to come to the phone, which is very worrisome. I am very concerned about the levels of medications she is being given. Prior to being admitted to Stewart Marchman she seemed to have intermittent memory issues, but was otherwise okay. Since she has been there, though, she seems to have become significantly more impaired and less animated than I’ve ever known her to be in her life.

Can we please schedule a conference call with Dr. Caliendo?

Thanks in advance,

David Vincent Gagne